Ajoutez un controleur VGA 4D à votre microprocesseurs

Controleur VGA

Controleur VGA

The µVGA-II(SGC) module is a compact and cost effective Serial-to-VGA graphics engine powered by the PICASO-SGC graphics controller.

It can provide QVGA/VGA/WVGA graphics solution to any embedded project with its powerful graphics, text, image, animation and countless more features built inside the module.

It offers a simple yet effective serial interface to any host micro-controller that can communicate via a serial port.

All the serial commands are sent using a simple protocol via the serial interface. The serial platform allows users to develop their application using their favourite micro-controller and software development tools.

So next time your embedded application requires VGA graphics, the µVGA-II(SGC) might be the ideal solution.

Simple VGA interface to variety of monitors and LCD screens.
Supports the following resolutions:
– 320 x 240 (QVGA)
– 640 x 480 (VGA)
– 800 x 480 (WVGA)

– Custom Resolution X*Y = 405K (414720)
Supports RGB 65K true to life colours.
Easy 5 pin interface to any host device:

Asynchronous hardware serial port, TTL interface, with 300 baud to 256K baud.
Powered by the 4D-Labs PICASO-SGC processor (also available as separate OEM IC for volume users).
On-board micro-SD memory card adaptor for multimedia storage and data logging purposes. HC memory card support is also available for cards larger than 4Gb.
DOS compatible file access (FAT16 format) as well as low level access to card memory.
Dedicated PWM Audio pin supports FAT16 audio WAV files and complex sound generation.
Comprehensive set of built in high level graphics functions and algorithms that can draw lines, circles, text, and much more.
Display full colour images, animations, icons and video clips.
Supports all available Windows fonts and characters (imported as external fonts).
16 x General Purpose I/O pins.

Upper 8 bits can be used as an I/O Bus for fast 8-bit parallel data transfers.

* 2 x 11 pin male headers with 2.54mm (0.1″) pitch to form a DIP mount package.

15 pin D-type standard VGA connector to interface to any external VGA monitor.
4.0V to 5.5V range operation (single supply).
RoHS Compliant.

Prix ~ 50 dollars


Le controleur possède des fonctions graphiques , et gère le touchscreen

Voir les docs à télécharger., ainsi que les outils logiciels gratuits

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